Lady Dineatha Jordan

Dineatha Jordan maiden name Gore was born September 6, 1983, to the late Ms. Teresa Ann Williams and to Mr. Kitchelle Calvin Gore. She is the second oldest child out of fifteen siblings. Born and raised in Pearson Ga. Dineatha was raised in a family of singers and musicians. As a child growing up in the church she always had to sing in the choir and on the praise team.


Growing up in school she always played basketball, softball and ran track year-round in Atkinson Co. Which in the late 1990's at Atkinson Co. High is where she met her high school sweetheart, Tyrone Jordan. Dineatha had high hopes and dreams of playing college basketball and the pursuit of becoming a professional basketball player. As time went by God saw things to be different in her life.


At the age of 16, she started attending Sears St GOGBF in Douglas Ga under the leadership of Dr. Elder Horace and Sis Lafaye Turner. At the age of eighteen, the year of 2001 Dineatha and Tyrone welcomed their first son into the world, Ty'Shun Jordan. Dineatha gave her life to the Lord at the age of twenty. Still not knowing the path God would have her to take. March 6th, the year of 2004 Dineatha and her high school sweetheart was joined together in Holy Matrimony by Dr. Elder H.N. Turner.


The same year her husband accepted his call into the ministry. During the process of serving as armor bearers to Elder and Sis Turner and being faithful to the ministry, in 2010 a second son, Javen Jordan was welcomed into the world. Later Dineatha became a musician and also accepted her call into the ministry as a teacher and evangelist, while serving at Sears Street.


She also served as an Assistant's Pastor's Wife for a year and a half before the Lord saw the need to send her and her husband to Alma Ga in the year 2014. She now serves in the capacity of a district and local musician, Sunday school teacher, Jailhouse Minister, and Women Ministry in Alma Ga. under the leadership of her husband, Elder Pastor Tyrone Jordan. The Lord has continued to do great works in the City of Alma Ga.

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